Wednesday 4 November 2020


MALABAR GOLD & DIAMONDS MGBRS999P10G 24 (999) K 10 g Yellow Gold Bar

Product Details

This is a genuine product of Malabar Gold and Diamonds. This product comes with a lifetime buyback policy provided by the brand

Covered in Warranty

  • Buyback can be availed by shipping the product to the registered address of Malabar Gold and Diamonds or at any of the brand stores. The gold & platinum rate of at the time of buyback will be considered as the benchmark gold rate both online and at the store.
Perfection, purity and eternity of the divine Lotus are beautifully captured in this global copyright distinctive iconic design depicting a pair of hands offering the divine flower. Clean lines, fine aesthetics and superlative finish are an MMTC-PAMP hallmark, portraying our assurance, quality, precision and heritage. MMTC-PAMP products come with NIL negative weight tolerance and NIL negative purity tolerance, assuring that the customer always receives right value for what is paid for.
Generic Name
Malabar gold coin

MMTC-PAMP India Pvt Ltd Lotus series 24 (9999) K 2 g Gold Coin FLIPKART

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